Data-describe would like to join as a community partner

Dear @team ,

The data-describe would like to join the forum as a community partner. data-describe is a Python toolkit for inspecting , illuminating , and investigating enormous amounts of unknown data with mixed relationships.

We will link to on our website that is generated from our github project.

I would happily be data-describes first community representative.

Warm Regards, Brian Ray

Hello @Brian_Ray

Does data-describe focuses on bioimage analysis?

Just to clarify: this forum is not specific to bioimaging. However, we do have a focus on scientific imaging, not data science more generally. The focus on scientific imaging is why e.g. the KNIME project is not a community partner on this forum even though it is used by many folks here. In the Python world, scikit-image is here, but not e.g. dask or other PyData-related things.

From the data-describe website, it looks extremely general—more general than scientific imaging, no?

@Brian_Ray What do you think? Does data-describe have a focus on scientific imaging?

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Originally data-describe had some very specific scope to help explore scientific image sets in regards to similarity and clustering of images (esp with DICOM on GCP Healthcare API); however, you are correct the current version is more generalized. Much like scikit-image, I will at a later date resubmit something like data-describe-image. Till then, you can close this request and thanks for getting back to me!

Cheers, Brian


@Brian_Ray Thanks for the clarification. Your plan sounds good! :+1: