.czi movie distorted when opened in FIJI

When I open in FIJI a time sequence acquired by ZEISS Axiocam 702 (.czi file format) it displays each image as if it was split in two parts and then combined in wrong way (as attached). Regular snapshots as well as movies from another cameras are displayed normally. Has anyone idea what’s wrong?
example1.tif (570.2 KB)

Hi @Tomek_Przygodzki, what Import Options do you have selected? Also would you be able to upload the original czi file to https://www.openmicroscopy.org/qa2/qa/upload/ for testing?

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Hi David,
Thanks for your reply. Actually I have discovered a new aspect of this issue. When I tried to open the movies on another computer, where an older version of Zeiss ZEN is installed, the same problem occured. Even worse, the software showed an error message and failed to open the movie. It only showed one frame, and it was corrupted in the same way. So it actually may be an issue of Zeiss version in which the movies are generated and not of BioFormats. Therefore I’d rather first contact the Zeiss guys instead of bothering innocent OME team :wink: As soon as I get some feedback I will report it here in case someone else encountered the same problem.

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What acquisition mode was used? Burst Mode? And what were the readout seetings of the 702?

Movie was acquired with the use of Movie Capture feature, so it is not exactly the burst mode as far as I understand. Regarding readout settings, could you please specify which you mean particularly.


I did inform our camera expert about this. Let’s see …

What I meant with setting where the camera settings that where used, when recording this. Does the problem still occurs when you acquire a time series instead of using “Movie Capture”?

Regarding settings: exposure time 200ms, binning 2x2, but the problem persists no matter what settings are applied.
Unfortunately this camera is connected to a computer where 2.3 lite version is installed and there is no time series option available.