Cytomine - unable to display large svs files

I recently installed Cytomine 2.0.0 - my laptop being the localhost server.
It worked fine in the beginning. But my laptop got frozen and the program was aborted.
Following that, once I restarted it, Cytomine was not able to show in its main panel any of my previously uploaded (original) svs files or the prepared annotations. It can still show the thumbnail of the svs files, but cannot display the large file in its viewer panel.

I wonder what is behind this phenomenon? The rest of my computer works fine. So, I assume this incident might have caused an issue within the installed program?!

If worst come to worst, what is the best way to uninstall and re-install the program (using Ubuntu on Linux). What would be the sequence of commands? (I am not an experienced coder.)


Hi Adam,
Cytomine runs inside Docker containers. So when your computer froze, or crash, the containers can be unsafely stopped.
So, after such a unsafe stop, even if your containers have been re-launched, some of specific setup, like mount of correct path, etc, may have failed at reboot.
To relaunch Cytomine correctly, go to your Cytomine bootstrap folder, and run :

sudo sh

It should restart your containers one by one, and verify that your /data folder is correctly mounted and reachable by your containers, and some other stuff needed by Cytomine to be efficient.
So, no need to re-install, just to restart Cytomine using this script.


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Hi Adam,
Concerning your request of uninstall procedure, here you are :

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