CytoData becoming a Community Partner

Dear @team,

We (CytoData Society) are interested in joining as a community partner. We are a scientific community focused on the field of image-based profiling. Some of our prominent activities include organizing an Annual Symposium and Hackathon and Educating the next generation trough tutorials. You can find more information in our website or linked page

We agree with the current guidelines for becoming a Community Partner

  • The organization links to the forum in its documentation regarding how users should seek support and/or discussion.
  • The organization does not promote additional, separate, project-specific discussion channels more prominently than this forum.
  • The organization will elect an individual as an active representative on the Community Forum Team.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
CytoData Society board


@cytodata welcome! Thank you for your interest in joining as a community partner. I’m happy to take care of that for you.

I looked through and didn’t see a link back to - did I miss it? Or could you add one (e.g. in the Web Presence section)? Thank you very much!

@cytodata you are set as a Community Partner.

I noticed that your icon is skewed because of its banner (wide) dimensions. Could you crop it to a square aspect ratio that you’re happy with and repost here?

Let me know if you need anything else!

Hi Mark,

We are happy to be a community partner now. The link is not there yet because we were waiting to be accepted before adding the link. We will add it this week.

Here is the cropped logo

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Hi Mark,

I wanted to let you know that we linked in our website section Community forums and email lists. We would like to nominate Florian_Heigwer as representative for the Community Forum Team. Can you help me adding him to the community forum team? Finally, I noticed that our logo is still a bit skewed, so I cropped it again with a smaller margin. Could you please update it?

Thanks !!!


@cytodata I updated the icon but it’s still skewed a bit since it isn’t a 1:1 aspect ratio. Are you OK with this one?

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yes, I’m okay