CXD SimplePCI missing metadata fields?


SimplePCI based files (.cxd) used to import with metadata for when the image was taken:

File Info First Field Date Time = 1.3216748731566E10

File Info Last Field Date Time = 1.3216748736269E10

Currently (bioformats 6.5.1, maybe earlier), this information is no longer found in the metadata in recently taken .cxd files, however older .cxd files still show this metadata.

I suspect that Hamamatsu HCImage might have changed the field names in newer versions, and it is also still capable of getting this info from within HCimage indicating these timestamps are still within the files. Would it be possible to check if bio-formats can be updated to extract the timestamps from newer .cxd files as well?

Here are two example files:

Maybe someone from bio-formats can take a look?

Kind regards,


Hi Geo, thanks for uploading the sample files to test. In both of files though I am seeing the same fields.

new_cxd_file_no_timestamp.cxd shows:

|File Info First Field Date  Time|1.3245338494E10|
|File Info Last Field Date  Time|1.3245338494E10|

old_cxd_file_with_timestamp.cxd shows:

|File Info First Field Date  Time|1.3196792353483E10|
|File Info Last Field Date  Time|1.3196792358730999E10|

Is the new file uploaded the correct one? Or am I looking at the wrong fields?

May bad - new file added (a file taken right after the previous one):

I am using:
showinf -version
Version: 6.1.1 Build date: 7 June 2019

Field 999 i_Image1 Image_eOffset1: 400.0
File Info GroupSelectedFields: 2.1219957915E-314
calib_index: 0 ;Current Calibration Index

Thanks, I was able to reproduce the issue with that latest file. Having taken an initial look through the metadata I have not yet been able to locate the newly named field containing the data. I have opened a Bio-Formats Issue to track the bug: