Custom Results Table

Hello everyone, I’m using the batch process feature to run analyze particles on a large set of images. What I’ve got written is the following:

run("Analyze Particles...", "  show=[Overlay Masks] display exclude include summarize record add record in_situ");

I understand from looking at other posts that it is sometimes possible to put all the separate images into one stack, run analyze particles on every slice in the stack, and then have the results table save the slice name along with the corresponding values. However, my images are all different sizes and so can’t be loaded into one stack. As such, my current approach just opens a given image, analyzes the particles, and adds the results to an ever growing results table that is ultimately exported once it contains the results from every image. Then I have to go in and manually identify which rows represent the results from which file using the summary data and counting out row numbers. I was hoping there is a way to add the filename of an image into the results table automatically to avoid this final step as it is often quite tedious with hundreds of images being analyzed. Anyone have some ideas?

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In Analyze > Set Measurements you can check “Display Label” which will put the filename in the 1st column of the results table.


It worked great, thanks a lot!

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