Custom defined elliptical ROI

Hello everyone,

I have a particle in my 1000 frames and it moves and changes its shape. So I fitted rotating elliptical Gaussian function in this movie. I got several parameters from every frame; Centroid coordinates, Eccentricity, sigma x, and sigma y.
I could draw circles using one parameter; meanFWHM (sigmax+sigmay/2 * 2root(2ln2))

numberOfRows = nResults;

for (row = 0; row < numberOfRows; row++) {

	frame = getResult("C2", row);
	x = getResult("C3", row);
	y = getResult("C4", row);
	i = getResult("C5", row);
	meanFWHM = getResult("C8", row);
	ellipticity = getResult("C10", row);
	sigmax = getResult("C11", row);
	sigmay = getResult("C12", row);
	run("Specify...", "width=[" + meanFWHM + "] height=[" + meanFWHM + "] x=[" + x + "] y=[" + y + "] oval centered");
	run("Add Selection...","stroke=yello width=0.25");

But, I’d like to draw elliptical ROIs using the aforementioned parameters.

Could you help me to write the macro for the elliptical ROI?

Hello Jae -

Does the makeEllipse(x1, y1, x2, y2, aspectRatio) IJM macro
function do what you want? (This corresponds to ij.gui.EllipseRoi
in the java api.)

Thanks, mm