Cursors in multiple windows when identifying objects

Hi, I am new here. When I use Cellprofiler to identify objects, for example, primary objects “nuclei”, the plot window will show three plots (input image, nuclei, nuclei outlines), I can zoom in on one of them and the other two will have the same zoom-in at the same time. But I have a hard time comparing corresponding locations among the three plots. I wonder whether it is possible to program it to have corresponding cursors in all these plots so I would know where the location I am pointing in the nuclei mask is in the input image and nuclei outlines. Thanks.

Welcome Dalide,

Would the Sync_Windows plugin do what you need?

I think that reply is for ImageJ… for CellProfiler we don’t have that option to show the cursor in all open windows at the same time. But @dalide if you can save the output images you could then open them in ImageJ perhaps!

Thanks for your reply. I never used ImageJ, I will check it out.