Current MatLab Version



I am planning to upgrade our modules to work with your new release. Do you currently support Matlab V2007b, and if not when is the anticipated date. Is this the Matlab version the same on Windows and Linux for both CellProfiler and CPCluster?

(In our current development, we were only able to use/compile with V2006a on Windows and V2006a or 2006b on Linux. I haven’t made the jump to V2007a with your new release yet.)



We are currently using R2007a. At this time, we are not planning to upgrade to the latest version of Matlab. When that time comes, we will announce it on the homepage with the latest release.



Thanks for the update. If convenient, could you also include a note of the latest Matlab version that corresponds to the release on the download page as well. For those that do not check the website on a regular basis, the new Matlab version annoucement may be missed.


Sure, no problem. I will add it the next time I modify the website.


I have added your suggestion. Thanks!