Ctrl+I in Script Editor

And while we’re at it, could Ctrl i please be added to do the functionality of loading all the macros and functions into ImageJ to match the behavior of IJ1?
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@MichaelC I’m sorry, but I honestly don’t know how to do it. The Script Editor is a multi-language editor. One of the language plugins is IJ1 Macro, but there is nothing intrinsically macro-specific about the editor. In fact there is nothing image/ImageJ-specific about it—it’s a code editor that is part of SciJava. The SciJava script framework does not have the concept of “installing” macros or scripts in any of its languages. We could introduce this concept, but it would be significant design work, and I don’t have a good idea for what would be best.

One way forward might be for the ImageJ Legacy component to register a new command with the Script Editor for doing this in the right circumstances (i.e. when the selected buffer is an IJ1 Macro). But the Script Editor is not particularly extensible in this way. It would be a hack on top, similar to the one I just posted, which reacts to Script Editor windows appearing and tacks on additional menu items.

Any other developers familiar with SciJava have a better idea on how to approach it?

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Thank you for the explanation. Now I understand the issue and see why this may not be worth pursuing.

Maybe an alternative would be a way in the Interactive Interpreter window to turn off the execution of each new line ending with a CR. On the other hand, now I’m getting used to the script editor. And I’ve come up with a work
around for the Ctrl i issue by using the F4 key and having a macro with code such as this in every macro file:

macro "Install Macros [F4]" {

run("Install...", "install=D:\\20191214\\Macro version 7.ijm");


I liked the last discussion of how to add properties to images. These additional properties are extremely useful!

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