Ctrl-click on Mac in 'EditObjectsManually'


I’ve been trying to use the CellProfiler (v. 3.1.9) ‘EditObjectsManually’ module to edit my cell edge tracings on my Mac (currently using Mojave). However, the key sequence to select an object and enter into ‘object edit mode’ is [ctrl]-click, which on a Mac is also the sequence to right click. So I can’t select any objects to edit because every time I try to do so I just end up right clicking…is there any workaround for this or a way to change the key sequences for certain actions in cell profiler? So far it seems very difficult to disable ctrl-click on a Mac.


Hi @jeb999,
Thank you for bringing this up, I’ve raised this issue with the developers. Meanwhile, try to make your selection by R-clicking on the line of outlined object. You can also click (L-click) on the object first and after you have the dashed line, then hold Ctrl and click (L-click) again. You’ll have your selection then and yes, you’ll see the R-click menu as well. Also, having a zoomed in image will help to detect the edges easier.

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