CSBDeep plugin problem

I wonder if anyone can help me. I am using the CSBDeep plugin in Fiji and am able to make use of the CPU version of TensorFlow, but I have been unable to get the plugin to work with the GPU. I have installed Visual Studio (2015) and CUDA v.10.0, then downloaded CuDNN v.8.0 and copied the the associated files into the appropriate folders in the CUDA installation. After starting Fiji, I chose the TensorFlow option “TF 1.14.0 GPU (CUDA 10.0, CuDNN >=7.4.1)”, then restarted Fiji. However, when I tried to use the plugin, I got this message:
"[WARNING] Could not load native TF library TF 1.14.0 GPU (CUDA 10.0, CuDNN >= 7.4.1) C:\Fiji.app\lib\win64\tensorflow_jni.dll: Can’t find dependent libraries
[WARNING] Cannot activate version, already active: TF 1.14.0 GPU (CUDA 10.0, CuDNN >= 7.4.1)
Can anyone help?

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Sorry, I’ve just realized my mistake. I was using CuDNN from a directory labelled "cudnn-8.0-windows10-x64-v5.1” which, of course, is v. 5.1 of CuDNN for v. 8.0 of CUDA for Win10! I’ve now downloaded what I really needed; i.e., v.7.6.5 of CuDNN for CUDA v 10.0.