CS165MU/M Thorlabs camera not working on Micromanager

I have been trying to get my CS165MU/M Thorlabs USB camera to work on micromanager but have had no luck. I copied all of the dll files into the micromanager installation folder, but have been getting an error message saying, ““Cannot get value of property ‘TriggerPolarity’ [Error in device ‘TSICam’: (Error message unavailable) (16017)],” after clicking on TSI as the source in the hardware configuration wizard. The camera works on ThorCams.

I know that the micromanager software works because another camera of mine works perfectly fine with live view.

Any advice or troubleshooting ideas would be greatly appreciated.

After deleting one of the file locations, I am now getting an error saying: “Failed to load device ‘TSICam’ from adapter module ‘TSI’ [Device adapter ‘TSI’ failed to instantiate device ‘TSICam’]”