Crop and PlaceAdjacent



FYI, this is a question that was sent to us (Imaging Platform) directly:

“I’m trying to use the placeAdjacent module in CP to make a montage of images from different .flex files. Unfortunately .flex files are different sizes (length/width). Each image within .flex files are the same size but between .flex files they can vary. I’ve tried using the crop module but haven’t had success yet - I’m probably doing something wrong. First, is it possible to make a montage if your image sizes are different with the help of the crop function? If not, any suggestions?

Here’s my answer:
Cropping and using PlaceAdjacent will work together (I tested myself to
be sure!). I think the key setting is the last one in Crop, i.e. “Do
you want to remove rows and columns…”- it will error if you don’t set
this to “yes”.

Hope this helps,