Critical error in jython 2.7.1, fixed in 2.7.2 but Fiji uses 2.7.1

There is an error in jython 2.7.1 that is fixed in 2.7.2, and it is critical:

Would be nice if Fiji’s jython jar could be updated to 2.7.2.

The fiji updater does not list the jython jar other than in the java-8 site, as jars/jython-shaded-2.7.1.jar. So I guess that’s the one to update.

Where to get the 2.7.2 jar? It’s a bit confusing that lists 2.7.0 as the newest, when it clearly isn’t.

Whoever knows where the actual jython repository is, please speak up. Thanks.

Too bad: 2.7.2 is still in alpha stage, at least judging by the tags in the mercurial repository:

The workaround for the bug is to execute your code in a single thread first, and only then execute the same code in multiple threads. Terrible, but effective.

As of November 2019, there is now a Jython 2.7.2 beta: which should work well for most purposes, and includes the fix to the above bug.

To further add: the fix is included in the news of the release, as “[ 2487 ] PyType.fromClass deadlocks on slow systems (circleci for example)” here