Creating update site through ImageJ for new plugin

I’m attempting to upload a new plugin but am running into errors.

I am not able to get ImageJ to accept the password (for update site, not wiki account) when clicking on “Add my site” nor can I initialize a new source by adding a new line in the update site list and adding the url and host information provided from the imagej website (and email upon password change).

I am unsure on what the problem could be, I attempted yesterday and waited 24 hours in case my account got temporarily locked due to to many attempts. Does anyone have any suggestions on where the error originates from?

Could you please provide some more information: Is this a “personal update site” that you want to set up via the ImageJ wiki or is it on your own server? In the former case, did you set up an upload password here: ?


It’s a “personal update site”. I have changed the password for upload.

A similar UnknownHostException was reported recently by another user, but I cannot remember on which communication channel, and I could not find the reference after digging around. In that case, they were trying to add an external (not update site which IIRC left off the http: prefix or some such in its instructions. Unfortunately, as far as I recall, the issue was never fully resolved on the user’s end.

@Talvarion Can you please share the exact hostname string etc. you have entered into the table of Manage Update Sites? (But please do not share the password, of course.) There is no way for us to reproduce unless we have some concrete details to try on our end.

I am sorry, should have ofcourse provided this from the onset.

I attempted both
URL: Biophysics KTH/
Host: webdav:KTH Cellular Biophysics

where ImageJ asks if I want to initialize and then for password, giving the error
[ERROR] Biophysics KTH/ does not exist yet!

Host: webdav:Cellular%20Biophysics%20KTH/

which does not ask for anything but yields the above error when I try to upload my plugin to it.

In both cases my directory on host is set to “./”

Looking at it after a few days, can the issue simply be the user name? I can’t find a way to change it on the wiki site (to Cellular-Biophysics-KTH rather then Cellular Biophysics KTH). The account is empty so I could create a new account with this name instead, but in that case, how do I go about deleting the old, non-used account?

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Yes, the spaces might be the problem. Normally the wiki treats underscores in page names as spaces, so for example I can find your user page under (I guess).
Could you try to use underscores in the updater?

If that doesn’t work, can you simply create a new user Cellular-Biophysics-KTH? Or is the old one associated to anything already which requires the renaming?

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So using undescore did not work, got a error msg saying that the user did not have permission to upload there.

Creating a new user with dash instead of space ( solved the issue.
Thank you for the help!


I have now deleted the Cellular Biophysics KTH personal update site. I also merged the wiki user Cellular Biophysics KTH with Cellular-Biophysics-KTH.

It would be very helpful if someone could add the strong hint not to use spaces to the documentation on the wiki.


Thank you for help with cleaning out those accounts and for solving the issue.