Creating my own plugin gui

Hi there again!

In order to add a proper gui to a plugin, is there any eclipse plugin or framework to create it properly? How it is done usually when you build a plugin for imagej/fiji?

I’ve seen in Trainable_Segmentation’s code there is an inheritance from CustomWindow to create its own window, is that the way it should be done? Is there a program that generates the especific code from an interface like WindowBuilder Pro?

Anybody has used eclipse’s WindowBuilder to generate the interface of an imagej plugin?

Thank you so much in advance! And sorry for all the questions.


There are several possibilities to built a custom GUI with ImageJ. There is the possibility
to use the ImageJ1 API, see:

Or you can use the ImageJ2 API, see:

Video presentations from the last ImageJ conference:

You can of course write you custom GUI in any interface you like (AWT,Swing, SWT, JavaFX) independant from that possibilities.

However, I think a recommendation depends on the complexity of the GUI.

In my application which embedds ImageJ in a custom interface I often use the WindowBuilder (has to be installed) to edit and compile ImageJ GUI plugins dynamically with JDT.