Creating a 'virtual microscope slide' with focus



Hi folks,
I am new to this and apologise in advance for my ignorance. I am using LASX Leica imaging software to create high magnification (X400) images of slide mounted thrips (insect). The specimens are macerated and cleared so one can see both dorsal and ventral surfaces.The system can stack images in the X, Y and Z axis. This means approximately 70-100 images stitched across the X/Y axis. And up to another 70 images through the Z axis (although these will vary). Although I can merge the images using the program I would prefer to use each of the layers to create a high definition ‘virtual microscope slide’ that I could post online so that a user could magnify and focus through specimens themselves. This is because even though slide mounted the specimens are rarely flat, so it is difficult to get an image without the dorsal and ventral surfaces overlapping. This may simply entail creating a high definition video with a series of frames. I was thinking that this has likely been done somewhere. If anybody you there knows of this being done, or could even point he right piece of software I would greatly appreciate it.
Many thanks
Luke (entomologist)