Creating a heat map that takes into account frequency of signal from images in a stack

Good day. I’m currently creating a heat map from a stack of images to show the area where a particular lesion is most found. I did this through Z-Project, particularly Sum Slice, LUT, and creation of a Calibration Bar adjusted to 0-100.

However, this only measures the intensity/value of a signal. Is there a way for me to make the calibration values into the frequency of the signal/how often is the signal found across all the images in the stack? Thank you very much.

Hi @ojacopiado,

Sorry, I don’t think I understand, could you tell me if what’s below is correct or else clarify what you want if I’m off base.

  • Each x,y position of your final result "projection’ image will be coded a value based on how consistent the signal is for that position through the stack? So if one position is consistently the same value all the way through the stack that position would be coded as 100?


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