Create videos in DLC cannot find unfiltered data

while running the “Create videos” step off the GUI (dlc version 2.2b7 on the windows GPU package) I keep getting the error below for some networks but not others that DLC cannot find the unfiltered data file. I have checked that the unfiltered data is present and has the correct headers. Has anyone else had this problem? Might it have to do with some strange file naming issue?


C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\DLC-Videos\allSkinks\experiment already exists!
Starting to process video: C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\DLC-Videos\allSkinks\experiment\cpan1_down_05.avi
Loading C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\DLC-Videos\allSkinks\experiment\cpan1_down_05.avi and data.
No unfiltered data file found in C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\DLC-Videos\allSkinks\experiment for video cpan1_down_05 and scorer DLC_resnet50_skinksAll_02Dec15shuffle1_440000.

Hi, Bob:
If you want to use the GUI, you have to open the tracklets in the refine tracklets window, and then save (even if you don’t make any changes). That creates the unfiltered file it’s looking for.

There is also a command line for that, but I don’t have it on the top of my head (it’s been posted before…).

Also, update to 2.1.9.

Hey Brandon,

thanks for the reply! I work in the same lab as Bob, so we have the same issue.
I have deeplabcut version 2.1.9 but there is no “refine tracklets window” - at least not in the single animal dlc. We are only tracking lizards - one at a time, so we didn’t select the “Is this a multi-animal project” option while creating the new project.
I believe that this window is only available in the multi animal version of the gui?
A workaround is definitely to use the maDLC for single animals… maybe the requirements for the tracklets for maDLC accidentally got into the single-animal DLC at least for the newer DLC version?


Hi, JoJo:
I haven’t used a single animal project in 2.1.9 or 2.2b+ so I’m not sure what the problem would be, but you are correct that refine tracklets should only be (I think) in a multi animal project. I believe that simply analyzing the video in a single animal project should create the unfiltered data file that the create labeled video function is looking for.

@jeylau should be able to answer this though!

Hi @JojoReikun @Bob_Cieri1, definitely stick to single animal project as you rightly did; I see no advantage to switching to maDLC. Can you tell me a bit more about what you ran before attempting to create the labeled videos? And/or a screenshot of your data folder? This will help me identify where the bug hides :slight_smile:

Hi Jessy,
I just re-ran a network which we set up as single animal and which had caused us the trouble (we had the same error on three different machines, with 2 different projects.). Anyway, here some details:
Reported for one of the machines:
filepath: C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\DLC-Networks\skinksAll-js-2020-12-15
screenshot of folder structure:

OS: windows 10, 64bit, RAM 32, i7-4770 CPU, galax geforce RTX 2060 super 1 clikc 8 GB

DLC version - 2.2b8


Starting to process video: C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\DLC-Networks\skinksAll-js-2020-12-15\videos\cpan1_down_06.avi
Loading C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\DLC-Networks\skinksAll-js-2020-12-15\videos\cpan1_down_06.avi and data.
No unfiltered data file found in C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\DLC-Networks\skinksAll-js-2020-12-15\videos for video cpan1_down_06 and scorer DLC_resnet50_skinksAll_02Dec15shuffle1_440000.

(I did try analyzing non-training data videos, same error, this is just for demonstration)

Things we tried with the network I report here:

  • change project name and reduce folderpath length, then retrained

  • set up same network on a different computer, then retrained

  • played with settings in analyze_videos (e.g. checked and unchecked filter_predictions)

  • different versions of DLC (2.2b7, 2.2b8)

  • the same error came up on a different machine with an independent project

I circumvent the problem now by converting the projects to multianimal projects, which works, but is not ideal.

We would appreciate if you can find the issue, let us know if you need more info.


Could you show the content of the videos folder?


The screenshot of the files generated for the video I used for demonstration:

The vidoes in the network for training:

The videos (.avi) are all in a seperate folder and naming of videos is the following: (Testing)

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