Create new file with curent settings and ROIs

Hi @will-moore,

Sorry for disturbing you again but I have another question about figure.

Some of our users were wondering if there’s any ways to create a new file with the current settings and ROIs that they have when doing a figure.

For example, if they have a time series and they zoomed in some region, added some ROIs etc, is there anyway to download a movie with the current view and the ROIs ?

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the feedback.
This sounds like an idea I had a while back: Export figures as movies:

Would you want the ROIs to change over time? If not, then I could imagine simply playing the image through time. But if you want the ROIs to change over time, then we’d need to store T info onto each one. OMERO already does this, but figure doesn’t.


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I guess it would depends on the project. Here it should be exactly the same and as you wrote on github the figure itself could be exported as a movie, with all the included images playing simultaneously.

As for the format, PDF is supposed to support rich format, no ?

We’re using reportlab to generate the PDF and I don’t see that it supports embedding movies

I was thinking of exporting with mencoder as we do with the “Make Movie” export script, so support .avi .mpeg etc.

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Ok I didn’t know about reportlab. mencoder could work ! :slight_smile: