Create a scatter plot from two images


I’d like to create a scatter plot of two images A and B where each pixel A_i and B_i represents the coordinates of one point in the scatter plot.
Images A and B have the same dimensions but are of different bit depth (8 and 32). I specifically do not want to remap the values back to 8 bit.
Is there a way I could do this using a macro?

Alternatively, is there way to generate a matrix (Results table or similar) of intensity values in A and B in a way that I could copy them and do the scatter plot myself in a different software (e.g. Origin)?



you could save the images as text images from ImageJ. This gives you a tab-delimted string per image, where the newline charakters mark the end of a row of pixels in an image. Simply replace these newline charakters by tabs and you get the image represented as a vector that shows as many components as it contains pixels.

Import the two vector representations to Origin, Kaleidagraph or whatever data processing & display software you use and plot one vector against the other.



Thanks Herbie, works great!