Crash issue - analysis_worker.exe has stopped working

I keep seeing the error “analysis_worker.exe has stopped working”
This happens when I try to run the attached pipeline on 270 images - it gets to ~205-220 image sets completed, and then hangs. It always seems that one of the four workers is using much more memory than the others. I also attach a screenshot of the error, with the CPU/memory usage data.
I’m currently using a PC, but have also tried this on my mac - there, the pipeline doesn’t complete and the program simply closes without showing any error messages.
Everything works fine in test mode, and the analysis is able to run when I use a subset of images (e.g. 8 image sets works fine). The input images are grayscale tiffs from a fluorescence microscope (4 channels per image set, about 8Mb per image) Any suggestions how to proceed would be much appreciated!

Looking at other users’ issues, I’ve tried reducing the number of workers, but that resulted in a crash after fewer image sets (this time 102).

Ok, the pipeline is now working - I simply changed the groups module so that each worker was assigned a smaller number of image sets at one time. Previously I’d just grouped them by well, but since I have 20-50 fields per well, I now have to group them by field too, and everything works fine.