CPcreateCPAPropertiesFile doesn't match database column name



Thank you for providing the CPcreateCPAPropertiesFile function in this new release. It makes a lot of sense to automatically write the properties file from CellProfiler.
I found one item in the properties file that doesn’t make the database column name.

In properties file (hardcoded from CPcreateCPAPropertiesFile):
objectCount = Image_ObjectCount_ObjectCount_Nuclei

In SETUP.SQL file, there is no such column. I would guess the following is the corresponding one:
Image_Count_Nuclei FLOAT NOT NULL,

I got the above result from running ExampleFly data. Is there a better way to correct the problem other than changing in CPcreateCPAPropertiesFile 

ExportInfo.Entries.objectCount = ‘Image_ObjectCount_ObjectCount_’,supposed_primary_obj]; % Image Primary Object Count Column
ExportInfo.Entries.objectCount = ‘Image_Count_’,supposed_primary_obj]; % Image Primary Object Count Column

btw, “Image_ObjectCont_OjectCount” works in the last release.

Sarah Hu


Hi Sarah,

We’ve noted this issue as well. At this point, any changes we make to the Measurement titles have to be hard-coded into any other modules that reference them. So unfortunately, there currently isn’t a better way than what you suggested.

Fortunately, we have edited CreateCPAProperties accordingly, and we are planning a new release very soon which will fix this and a few other bugs which were introduced with our big 5811 release. Stay tuned!



Thank you.
I am looking forward to the new release.



We have just released the new bugfix version of CellProfiler which addresses the CPA properties issue you mentioned. You can download it from here