CPcluster linux

I am new to cell profiler. Could someone help me find the correct version of cellprofiler for the following computing resources.

  1. High Performance Computing Cluster offered at the University
  2. Runs on Red Hat Linux 64bit OS
  3. Do not have support for matlab software, even if I install my student version of matlab, it will not work.

Also, if someone had already installed CPcluster without matlab on a cluster machine, could you share your thoughts on it. I will be using LSF job management system in the computing cluster.

Thank you


[Note: I moved this to the CP2.0 CPCluster forum. CP1.0 is very outdated now]
CP2.0 is written in Python, but if you really need a Matlab version, please find (very) old versions here: cellprofiler.org/previousReleases.shtml

Otherwise I will hand this over to our Linux build specialist…

I can speak to CellProfiler’s functionality on RedHat 5 and 6–we support those. For the moment, check out option three here: github.com/CellProfiler/CellPro … -for-Linux

We’ll also be rolling out some rpm’s soon, so that will make life easier. As far as getting it all to actually work efficiently on the cluster–that depends. I would guess that how well CP parallelizes depends on what you’re actually trying to do. I may delay on answering that last question so I can think about it myself.

The bottom line, though, is that CP works well on RedHat 5 and 6, and we’ll have rpms quite soon to make the process even easier.

Hi all,

We’re running a RHEL6 machine and trying to install CP on it. Your wiki post was very useful to get started but only the Ubuntu and Suse build scripts are available, the others give a 404 page. Where could I find the latest script for RHEL6?



This was just a Wiki formatting issue, sorry. Please try these links again now.