CPAnalyst doesn't show data after 'successful' connection

Hi Guys,

I'm a newbie to CP/CPA and am having just a bit of trouble getting going with my data. The example (650MB) works just fine but even the smallest example of my data does not. I have successfully run CP and generated the SQL files, imported the schema into mysql, edited the .properties file appropriately and CPA 'connects', but it doesn't allow me to plot anything. I get an error about a malformed SQL statement when I try to plot.

Also, is there a separate program to generate the meta information or are people doing this by hand?


Edit This is obviously not a helpful message. I’ve turned on the java logging console but nothing helpful comes out.

Hi Joshua,

Sorry for the slow reply, I just got back from vacation and must have lost the post alert in the piles of email.

It sounds like you’re using CPA 1.0 (the Java version) from your edit. My guess is that you aren’t using CPA 2.0 because of the OS 10.6 conflict (which we are looking into) that you mentioned in a previous post… is this right? …I just want to make sure I understand your motivation, since it’s generally more difficult for me to troubleshoot CPA 1.0 problems since we haven’t been developing it for some time now.

Anyway, if CPA 2.0 isn’t an option, then do send/post your properties file and the terminal output that you get when running CPAnalyst.command (CPAnalyst.bat on a PC) and attempting to plot some data.


Found my error! I didn’t pull the java window over far enough and there was another dropdown menu I didn’t select. :-