CPA: View Original Images with Classification Results Overlayed per Object

Hi, I was wondering if there was a function in CPA which allows the user to view the object classification results as an overlay over the original image. I am able to open the image in CPA and click to see which pixels are identified as objects, but would really like to also see what the object has been classified as after scoring the images. Thank you in advance for the help!

I have read a similar post on GitHub, and was also wondering if this feature has been added into CPA

We’ve run across the same thing in our lab. Have there been any updates on this?

I don’t know either it possible to do in high-throughput manner, but possible for per image classification: if you click “score image” then along with Hit table (classification results) image with overlay would appears. File -> Save Image allows to save it.
Probably it’s not an option for saving hundreds of images in case of high-throughput analysis, on the other hand manual checking of hundreds of images is definitely against a concept of high-throughput analysis. Thus if you want visually check the performance of your classification model, it should works fine for you.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you! This worked great for single images we were trying to look at.