CPA Tools

After Cell Profiler segment my Objects I exported the Data to a Database (SQLite), creating the corresponding “properties” file for CPanalyst.

In fact I still don’t have to much Images (about 3 for each assay condition)

I was trying the CPA software and I have some questions/comments:
a) Is it possible to “customize” our plots? (colors, Titles, Axis labels)
b) I couldn’t find the brush tool (as I saw in the example movie); well, in the scatter plot it is possible to make some kind of selections but are not displayed in the other plots.
c) I also saw that the user interface has changed from the video tutorial version to the last released version of CPA.
d) There’s some limitations by using a SQLite instead of MySQL?

Best Regards,
Ricardo M

Sorry, it’s not. Our focus for CPA has been for data exploration, not reporting.

The movie you watched was for CPA 1.0, and the feature you are describing has yet to be implemented in CPA 2.0 since we had to rewrite the code base from scratch. New gating features will be released relatively soon, however, which make up for this deficiency.

There are some small performance disadvantages, but nothing noticeable unless you’re dealing with a rather large database