CPA file will not load



Hi. I am running Windows 10 and I have installed the newest version of java and java SE on my computer. I have installed CPA version 2.2.1 and CPA version r11710. I was given a file to use to test that the software was working, but everytime I try to open it in version 2.2.1, the program crashes, and when I try to open it in r1170, the program freezes.

I downloaded the example file from the website and I can get that to work in both versions, however I get HTTP Error 404: Not Found". I

I have never used this software before, and I am not very good with technology. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.


Is the full error you get “Exception fetching new version information from HTTP Error 404: Not Found”

I also get that error with the example properties file for the website but when I click on any of the CellProfiler Analyst features, the image gallery or classifier it all seems to be working properly so I don’t think the error is related to the problem you are having.

If you upload the properties file you are trying to load, the CellProfiler pipeline you used to generate the properties file and an example image then I could see if I could help you find the cause.


Hi. I did not generate the file, it was just given to me to ensure that the program works. I have no idea how the file was produced. This is the file that I need to test with that won’t work. (6.2 KB)


Oh sorry, I missed that you said that in your OP.

Do you know if whoever gave you the file had previously had it working in CPA? I know that I’ve had issues with it crashing in the past and it’s been an issue in the generation of the properties file in CellProfiler.


I currently do not know if it was working, but I am going to talk to the individual soon. I will write back as soon as I know the answer.