CPA classifier rules



I made a pipeline using cellprofiler in which I do cell segmentation on ependymal tissue.
Inside the cells there are two types of objects that can be found centrosome and centrioles.

I used the relateObject module in my pipeline to count the centriole and centrosome in each cell.

I now want to use that in CPA to classify the cell in 4 stages. I want to make rules like:

IF(Cells_Children_centrioles_Count = X then it goes in one class)

I also want to combine rules, so for example to be in stage 1 the cell has to have 1 or 2 centrosomes and 1 or 2 centriole and the centriole has to be small.

But I do not really understand how to modify the rules and how to create new ones and how it split all the objects in categories.

Can someone help me with that?

Thank you,



That’s really not how CPA is designed to work in terms of “prescribing it rules ahead of time”- if you already know the rules, you’d be better off using FilterObjects in CP to break down your classes. Otherwise simply drag and drop cells into the bins you want- it should learn rules similar to what you’re describing.