CPA Classifier mixes up names on classes in the hit table


When i use the CPA 2.2.1. fast gentle boosting classifier on my mac yosemite, i rename the positive class to Yellow, keep the negative class and then i add two new classes Green and Red. When i use score image, i get the hit table, where CPA list the number of cells identified in each class. In the hit table i get six columns; image number, total cell count, Yellow cell count, Negative cell count, Green cell count and Red cell count. But, the number of cells is mixed up. The appropriate order in the Hit table should be; Imagenumber, TotalCellCount, Red Cell Count, Green Cell Count, Negative Cell Count, Yellow Cell Count, to correspond to when i count them manually in the image. I.e. just the other way around. I guess this is a small bug, or let me know if there is something I can do to fix it. Thanks!

@Gabriella Thank you for reporting this bug. I’ve created an Issue, #180, for the CPA Github repository. For future reference, CPA uses Github Issues to track bugs and you can report this and any other bug you find by following this link.

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