CP3.0 error ASCII code

Hi, I receive the following error when starting an image processing:

“error when processing NamesAndTypes: ASCII codec can’t decode byte 0xc3 in position 10, ordinal not in range (128)”

How could I fix it?



In the path of your input folders/subfolders, is there any special character that’s not in English alphabets? If so , can you test relocating the images into something like “C:\Input_images” and try again?


Hi thanks for your suggestion, but it did’n work!

If your general user’s folder, or the CP installation folder or CP default output folder might include such letter, would you mind checking them.
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Hi, nothing of above, I use english letters in user’s folder, CP installation and output’s. Do you have other suggestions?
I could try to downgrade to CP 2, as it was working


Would you mind sharing with us your example pipeline and the image so we can make a thorough investigation?

You can also compress them and send through a confidential message.


Hi Minh,

Yes, my pipeline is very simple. I just added IdentyPrimaryObject module (leaving all defaut parameters, except selecting the image name to be processed) and I selected the image to analyzed, see the attached one.


Here the error that I get:


I can’t seem to reproduce the issue

55 PM

Can you please try to test on another windows system?
Or can you please try to uninstall the current CellProfiler and re-install in a new path. for example C:\CellProfiler.


Hi Minh,

I tried with no results. I downgraded to CP 2.2 that worked for me!

Thanks for all your suggestions and efforts!

Is there anyone who can share some tools to convert image to ascii?