CP3.0.0 crashes during analysis




I constantly get this error message:
“C++ assertion “(itemid >= 0 && itemid < SHRT_MAX) || (itemid >= wxID_AUTO_LOWEST && itemid <= wxID_AUTO_HIGHEST)” failed at ./src/common/menucmn.cpp(260) in wxMenuItemBase(): invalid itemid value”
I have no clue what it could mean but:

  • It does not seem to be linked to my images as it never crashes on the same picture twice
  • It does not seem to be a computer issue as I tried to used different PCs and Macs and it did not help.
    Would anyone know where the problem might come from? What could I try to correct this issue?



Update: Disabling the “view/eye” seems to help (at least on small batches)…



This is a bug that has been fixed, the fix will be included in our next release (hopefully quite soon)- and yes, closing the eyes will help on it!