CP2 speed


I am about to embark upon some large-scale screening. I will try to get access to a clustered install of CP2 / analyst for the majority of screen analysis. But for initial setup and small batches for testing I’d like a standalone workstation.

Is CP2 usually CPU-bound? Are there use cases where high-speed disk access (SSD) would speed things up? Or should i just get the fastest chips I can and stick loads of RAM in the box? Are multiple cores an advantage (I’d be using Win7 as an OS)? Does Analyst have greatly differing requirements?



Hi Alan,

Generally speaking, yes, CP is CPU-bound. We highly recommend the use of a 64-bit system for CP to take advantage of the extra memory overhead if nothing else, though additional memory always helps. CPA is somewhat different, in that we don’t have a 64-bit version.

CP doesn’t currently have the ability to distribute the workload across multiple cores, but we are in the process of adding this feature (see this thread). Perhaps if it’s not too expensive (I don’t know your budget), you could opt for a multi-core system in anticipation of this functionality?


Thanks Mark,

Apologies for my tardy response. That sounds pretty much what I was assuming - I will probably go for multi-core (but not multi-processor) since they are so ubiquitous now and stack loads of RAM in. Glad to save some cash on the SSDs for now!

Looking forward to the new version with multi-core enabled!