CP Wiki guide for finding java needs admin rights

The wiki guide at Windows Installation Troubleshooting · CellProfiler/CellProfiler Wiki · GitHub for setting CP_JAVA_HOME if CP can’t find it’s bundled java only works if the user has admin rights.

If CP_JAVA_HOME needs to be set by a non-admin user, the guide doesn’t help. Users can set their own individual ENVVARs on Windows from the Control Panel->User Accounts

Thanks for raising this. Did you encounter trouble with the latest version? In 4.1 I’ve revised how java detection is handled with built versions so that the environment variable should be entirely optional if the bundled java was included properly in the build.


I did not try 4.1. I installed 4.0.7 on the server because that’s the version that the pipeline was created with and was used for assay development. Once we go into production screening we don’t want to change the version midstream.

Note that this came up on Server2012. We had no java problems when installing/running CP4.0.7 on Win10.