CP only uses one core in Xeon machine

hi, i’m running CP on a workstation equipprd with octacore xeon and 32GB memory. i set # of workers as 16. and i’ve discovered that CP only uses one core 100%. i’m not quite sure whether CP utilizes this multicore resources… am i missing somgthing here?

There are a couple of reasons why CP might only be running on one core at a time:

  • It’s a really old version of CP from before multiprocessing was added
  • You’re running from the command line rather than the interface- CP only “natively” multithreads in the interface.
  • You’re in the interface but in test mode (for which CP uses only one core because it’s only processing one image)
  • You’re running in the interface AND in analysis mode, but CP is still analyzing the first image; CP runs the first image (which is just on one core), and once that successfully completes it deploys the rest of the workers across lots of cores.

If none of these are true, can you tell us more about your OS, CP version, setup, etc so we can try to figure out what the reason could be?

I’m running my pipeline in the interface, and not in test. mode.
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, CP 2.2.0,
maximum number of workers = 16
maximum memory for JAVA = 10240 MB


Does the use of just one core persist for a long time, or just for the first image?

When you look at the logs, do you see that lots of images are running, or simply one image at a time?