CP is not loaded when computer connected to internet

Hello all,

I know it sounds weird, but When I load CP (matlab runtime Version 1.0.5811) it wont load unless I plug the computer off the lan…
Then, after it loads (takes about 3 sec) I can plug it again and everything will be O.K…

Any idea?



Does CP quit with any sort of error message? If it does, can you tell us what it is or provide a screenshot?

No error message… It can stay like this for tens of minutes…

At first I thought it was Java or anti-virus failiure, but its not.

Its a windows XP 64bit. I have both 64 and 32 bits of matlab runtime and CP. Both act the same

Hmm, that is odd. There is only one web call, to check the version number, that ought to require the network. But this should time out, and I just tested 5811Bugfix without being connected, and it launched OK.

Which version shows in the dialog when you click Help -> Getting Started? There is 5811, and there is 5811Bugfix (actually ~6025). We added the web version check in between these. You can also try upgrading to our newest release if this continues to be a problem.

Another thought - are any of your Default directory (in File -> Set Preferences) set to network drives?



Did this ever get solved?


Hi, sorry for the delay, but the problem yet unsolved.

The version is 1.0.7522. (DL and installed last month).

The problem occurs only when the computer is online. Unplugging it solves the issue and then I can plug it once CP successfully loaded.

Everything there is on a local drive.

I’ve just tried installing and opening compiled CP 1.0.7522 on a Windows XP 64-bit virtual machine with the internet disabled. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to replicate this behavior.

Wait - I re-read your original post – does CP load only when you are connected to the network, or when you are not?

[quote=“David Logan”]Wait - I re-read your original post – does CP load only when you are connected to the network, or when you are not?

Only when disconnected.
If the computer is connected to network and I try to load CP, it gets stock in the “cell profiler is loading…”. Now, if I disconnect it, the CP will load almost instantly.

Perhaps your firewall is detecting the version check webserver call to cellprofiler.org on both of these.