CP Crashes 15-30 Cycles Into Run

CP keeps closing during analysis runs. During such a run, CP gets ~20 (not always the same #) cycles into the run and then I get a notice from Windows that CP stopped working. There is no indication in the CP log window that anything went wrong and, after I cancel the “Windows is searching for a solution to the problem” window, CP simply closes.
Running CP 2.1.0 on Windows 7.
I’m wondering if one of you could help me diagnose this problem.

Hi Matt,

Most likely some aspect of CP is running out of memory. The simplest solution is to click the menu Window -> Hide All Windows On Run. If it completes the run, great. If not, but it gets farther then it is likely memory, and so then try on another machine that has more RAM. You can also try some of these fixes from the FAQ: cellprofiler.org/forum/viewtopic … ffe9#p4490

Let us know if that helps.

Thanks David! I will try that, as well as the suggestions on the FAQ page.