CP / CPA embedded on website

Hi Guys,

I'm interested in embedding CellProfiler/CellAnalyst on our internal site for our users to reconstruct their data / create their graphs. Do you have any recommendations on how I could start to do this? Our site already has the apache python modules loaded but before I invest lots of time I wanted to check to see if it would be feasible first. My goal is to put CellProfiler as well as CellAnalyst on a remote server that will crunch number for everyone accessible via webpage.


Hi Joshua,

Is your intention to expose the interface to CellProfiler via the web (as a web application)? That would be fairly difficult for CP and CPA, as their interface is currently written in wxPython which does not have (as far as I know) any sort of web-interface support.

If your intent is to make a web-based job management system for running CellProfiler pipelines, that’s definitely feasible. We currently do this for our LSF compute farm. The code is available in our repository at https://svnrepos.broadinstitute.org/CellProfiler/trunk/CellProfiler/BatchProfiler

Sounds great! I’ll check it out next week.