CP Analyst crashes after opening (Mac- Yosemite/El Cap)


CPA crashes immediately after I open it. I’ve tried it on both Yosemite and El Cap operating systems and have installed the newest Java and legacy Java. The error message I get is simply"CPAnalyst quit unexpectedly." Cell Profiler opens fine. Any thoughts on trouble shooting?

Thanks for the help!

@daviddao – Can you answer this Q?

Hi Harris,

You are using the old CPA (CPAnalyst) which doesn’t support Yosemite and El Cap.

We are currently developing CellProfiler-Analyst 2.2.1 (link to a beta). Can you try out if that works for you?

Link is also provided at the readme file of the CellProfiler-Analyst (Link to GitHub).


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Thanks for the incredibly quick response. I was able to open this new
version. Thanks so much!