CP (4.0.5) ConvertObjectsToImage Problem

Dear profilers,

I run in to a problem when I used !
CP4.0.5 Error|690x332

I started the pipeline in CP (3.1.9) were it worked. Then I started it in CP (4.0.5) were the problem occured.
I generated a test pipeline in 4.0.5 only, where the problem persists. See below .

TEST ConvertObjectsToImage v20201006.cpproj (89.4 KB)
DAPI.tif (8.1 MB)

Best regards,

Thanks, this will be fixed in the next version. The problem is only with the figure display, so you can work around this for now by disabling previews (close the ‘eye’ on the problem module).

Thanks for the fast response. Then I continue with the new version until the next report… :slight_smile:

Not that I complain! I like cellprofiler!

Please do raise any issues that you find - it’s the best way to get them fixed!