CP 2.1 Trunk Build

Bravo on the new CP 2.1 release. This version’s performance is very impressive. I like how it gracefully schedules images over all cores which leads to a massive decrease in job run times. Is the distributed multicomputer batch processing option now implemented in this version? I ask about the distributed option since CP2.1 trunk asks about network access during program startup. I also ran into a bug trying to use the classifier function with both spreadsheet and sqlite database CP2.1 output options. The error complained about booleans which I though was only a problem with using the classify module and sqlite outputs. Any idea what could be going on here?

Would you be able to post your 2.1 pipeline with a sample image? (You can now export the pipeline via File > Export > Pipeline). I had thought that this issue was resolved, but we can re-open it in our bug-tracking system.