Counting with Cell Counter in ROI

Dear all,

I was using a macro to count cells within a region of interest, but I´m not completely satisfied with that. The counts are not accurate and I can´t save the exact location where the spots aree. Analyze particle method is not helpful neither.
Therefore I want to continue using the macro for creating the ROI but use the plugin “cell counter” to spot the aimed cells manually to guarantee good results. I also need the counted cells per ROI while having multiple ROIs in one image. So far I write down the ROI number and the associated cell count, and put it to an excel sheet, all done by hand.
My question is, if there is a way to get the associated cell counts of the cell counter within ROIs automatically. I added a sample to show how it looks for me (the counter type doesn´t matter).

Thanks for any help in advance and othere ideas or option are highly welcome.


You could use Plugins > Macro > Record... to record the corresponding macro commands and then use them to create a new macro.