Counting Stress Granules Per Cell

Hi everyone,

Going one step deeper into the stress granule counting process, I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to toggle with cell profiler in order for it to somehow tell me how many granules are, on average, in each cell. I’ve already figured out how to generally count the number of granules as well as how big they are. However, I’m curious if there’s a way to get an idea of granules per cell. I attached an example image that I’m working with.

Thank you!

Hi @bd6376,

You’re probably looking for the RelateObjects module. If you identify granules and cells, RelateObjects can be used to associate granules with parent cells. From that you should find “Number of children” statistics for each cell, from which you can calculate the mean number of granules per cell.

Hi @DStirling Thank you for your help!

So I just added the RelateObjects module and it does seem to be associating granules with the parent cells, thank you! However, I’m unable to extract any data from the images, or to find the “number of children” statistics for each cell, let me know if this sounds off.

Did you have an Export module in your pipeline? You need to do this in order to output the data into a file.