Counting pixels

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I developed a field tool to get the vegetal coverage of plant as indication for its’ biomass. How can I get the total pixels and the vegetal covered ones?
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Total pixels is calculated via the dimensions of your image… when you have it opened in ImageJ/Fiji - just look at the top of the image window . For example (this image is 400x400 pixels, so 160000 total):

Then you need to segment your ‘vegetal’ parts. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by that - if it’s the entire plant or just parts of it. Take a look at the links I posted in this other thread for help:

But moving forward - you really need to ensure your images are all scaled correctly. So you are acquiring them all the same exact way - imaging from the same distance - and include some sort of distance marker in the image itself to properly calibrate your pixels. Otherwise - you are comparing apples to oranges from image to image - if that makes sense.

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