Counting of cell skeletons negativly stained by phosphato-tungstic acid



because of limition in image quality , we could not count the cell skeletons by mechine.
So I 'd like to seek some professional advice for address the lower pixel image , and get the cell skeletons counted at the same time.
Thank you.


It will be hard to help unless you can share a sample image.


but i donโ€™t have the right to upload the image


Seems odd to prevent new users from posting images when they are required to provide decent help. I know in the past, team members have been able to manually grant rights to new users. @imagejan


could I send the picture directly to your personal account?
or, as you know, how long will it take to upload the image for new users


I suppose you could message me, but ideally we would want the image posted so others can help if they want or if I am unable to help you find a solution. I pinged imagejan to see if he can manually give you permissions; but I suppose I could always upload it in my post.