Counting number of DAPI stained nuclei with other colored stains

Is there a way to count the number of DAPI stained nuclei that overlap with other colors, like green, and only count those nuclei?

Thank you!

It would be best if you could share an image, but in general:
Yes, there are a couple of ways that you can do this, one way could be to detect nuclei objects and then use the “MaskObjects” module to mask the nuclei with the green channel objects (i.e: objects that you detected in the green channel) or binary image (from the green channel). In this way you could even manage how to handle the partially masked objects (keep or remove them based on a specific fraction of overlap).

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Thank you for your help and quick response!

I have attached an image, where the cell circled in red indicates that there is an overlap between the green staining and the blue DAPI staining.

I will try this and ask more questions if I still have trouble, thank you!

(Also, I am not allowed to share pictures from my own lab so I used a sample photo from the paper " TRPV3 Channel in Keratinocytes in Scars with Post-Burn Pruritus", I hope that’s okay!)