Counting Grid Cross on a different threshold areas

I am very new to this tool hence not sure if this information is our there already.

Need to count the grid cross for each area in this threshold image.

Eg - Cross count in red area and grey area separately


Maybe this topic will help you

You can try to get a selection (like a free hand selection) over your thresholded image. Also threshold your grid crosses. Then you can use particle counter on your grid crosses which counts the amount of grid crosses in you selection (which is made from you thresholded image). To only drawback is that the paticle counter even counts a cross wihich is just with 1 pixel in your selection. I don’t know if that’s a problem for you.

Dear @viveka,
could you please upload a not thresholded image so I (we) can try something?
Thank you,
Emanuele Martini

First I would suggest correct the background of your images. The threshold showed above indicates that in some parts you are detecting too much foreground and in others too little.
Once you have an image that can be thresholded properly, then you could convert it to binary, and make a loop over the whole image to accesses a pixel after skipping so many x and y increments (effectively the same as the grid)) then keep a count of the number of white ones and black ones and you got the numbers your are after.
You can do that with two nested for ( ) loops one for x and one for y.