Counting dots and distance in ImageJ?


I’m looking at an ROI where there are dots located at varying distances from a certain point of interest. I want to graph the count in dots as a function of the distance from the point of interest. Can someone help me out?


WE may need a sample image to understand what do you mean


For example, say we took the middle point on the the top edge of this image. I want to quantify the number of dots away from this point to the bottom edge of the image.

Image->Adjust->Color Threshold

thresholding method = default
threshold color B&W
remove thick in dark background
click on select

Analyze->Analyze Particles

you get
Slice Count Total Area Average Size % Area Circularity Solidity
28b0e91d51d5a5ad5248a60b6f1d07e4d2f6131f.jpg 38 2842 74.789 100 0.969 0.912

and also a table with results for each particle

You might need to give some more specifications.
Do you want to count spots along a straight line (vertical or diagonal) or do you want to count all spots below that reference point in y-direction.

A tool which might help you is the 3D Manager from Thomas Boudier. You can also use this tool with 2D images and it can quantify distances (center-center, center-border, border-border) which is really helpful for such questions. But it does it not directionally. Thus, you might need to select specific spots.

If you don’t need the distances but only the number of spots along a line, a not so elegant alternative would be that you create an empty image in the same sitze as the one containing the spots. In this image you draw the line along which you want to count the nuclei (destructively, not as selection). Then you can run the Binary Feature Extractor using those two images.

Hello @st4n

I created a KNIME workflow to solve this problem.

You can take the Interactive Labeling Editor to select the segment from which all distances should be measured:

The result table looks like this:

Here (46.8 KB) you can download the workflow.


This seems like a similar problem