Counting cell groups

Hi there!

I have been using “analyze particles” to automatically measure and count hundreds of cell areas in the same image. I am specifically making transverse sections of woody stems and measuring/counting vessel elements, the water conducting cells in plants.
However, I am also trying to obtain a cell grouping index for every image. This consists of the number of cells in each image (something that the analyze particles tool measures) divided by the number of cell groups.

Cell groups consist of cells that are adjacent to each other. I cannot figure out how to tell ImageJ to automatically count vessel groups instead of only individual vessels, if that is even possible. I have been manually counting groups, but with hundreds of images this approach is not very practical.

Would anyone happen to know if it is possible to do this, and if so, how?

I appreciate any help,

Hi Dan,

There are maybe many solutions to this challenge, but I posted a reply to a similar query a while back:

My solution was to merge cells using dilation and closing of a binary mask, then use this to measure grouped areas, before reapplying this as a sequential template for individual particle measurements.

Final output was something like this: